20 March 2015

With Love & Sympathy

With Love & Sympathy

A very dear friend experienced an unimaginable loss earlier this week, and after several tries I've finally made a card to send on behalf of our close group of friends. In moments like these there are just no words of comfort, and all we can do as friends is make sure our loved ones know we are standing with them, available for any and everything, at any time. 

I'm going to re-post something another of my friends shared earlier in the week, because really I'm at a loss: "...hug your kids. A lot and often. You are not guaranteed tomorrow with them, nor even guaranteed the next minute."

Today, as the Beebe family prepares to say goodbye to their precious Eleanor, please know that although so many of us cannot be there with you, we are sending every ounce of love, comfort, white light, and support we can. The Beebe's made a request that today be about celebrating things Eleanor loved, and that included wearing red, black, and white for her CheerCats. That's why this card is red, black, and white.... to show our support in the smallest of ways. 

To lose a child is every parent's worst nightmare. If you would like to offer your support for this amazing family in the days and weeks to come, please consider giving to one of the GoFundMe sites set up for them (here and here). Or, leave them a note of encouragement after reading about sweet Eleanor and/or donate to one of the local organizations they've requested (addresses are here).


rosenrobrt said...

Thinking of You and your Friend's Famuly...

Marge said...

We are all thinking of their family. Your card is just perfect. Thanks, Taylor.

Tenia Nelson said...

What a gorgeous card. RIP dear child.