17 March 2015

The Thrive Challenge

I'm part of From Left to Write, a virtual book club, and we just recently were given the chance to read (or re-read) Arianna Huffington's Thrive, as part of the celebrations surrounding the paperback release. I missed this book the first time around when the club read it, so I was excited to get it this time!

When we do book club discussion posts, it's not a review (for my thoughts on the book, see the short review I posted on Goodreads). Instead we discuss things the book makes us think about, based on themes, characters, and content. Since this book had so many challenges and suggestions for how to shore up your Third Metric, we were also challenged to try one of the ideas for seven days, to see how it went!

We could ALL use more time in our days, right? I know I could, and over the past year I've been feeling more like the busy-ness of "stuff" is taking over. Toward the end of last year I resolved to put an end to it, and really make an effort to focus. Each year I participate in the One Little Word movement -this year my word is discover. As part of that, I'm trying to do more mindful tasks and less multitasks. Be more present and allow time to discover new things about myself, my children, our family, activities we enjoy...basically wherever things lead us. This is what the book focuses on as the 'Third Metric' for a healthy, balanced, focused life.

Here are a few of Arianna's suggestions that I've tried (and how I did):
  • Get eight hours of sleep each night. (She mentions treating bedtime like an appt you cannot be late for - great idea)
    • My result: I'm a terrible sleeper, but I need a lot of it. I've been good about setting a firm schedule for myself, but had to put this on hold when I got sick and needed some surgery. Back to it by next week I hope!
  • Start a gratitude list and share it with people each week.
    • I actually started this on Facebook, and although I've not shared in a few weeks due to feeling under the weather, it's a fabulous thing to do and i highly recommend it. Actually, I'm going to make a habit of writing a short list (three to five things) down each night, because there are moments of gratitude all day, every day!
  • Turn off your digital devices at a designated time each night, and leave them in a room other than your bedroom.
    • Ok, this one makes total sense, but it's HARD for me. Not because I need to compulsively check email and social media all night, but because I use my phone as my alarm clock, need it for possible inclement weather delay for my daughter's school, and I read a lot on my iPad. I've made a bargain with myself to not do anything BUT read after a certain time. 
  • Practice regular deep breathing.
    • Check. Done. Love this, swear by it. I actually choose a mantra when I'm facing something particularly difficult so I have words to focus on while i breathe (I've got a whole slew of them of different occasions). 
I'll definitely be sticking with the challenges I've tried so far (and she encourages yoga, meditation, and exercise, all of which I'm working into my days as I can!). I an definitely say that making these changes is hard, and takes commitment. And the reality is, not all of them are realistic for everyone's life situation. Im just trying to make the best with what I've got, because it's all about being grateful of what you have!

This post was inspired by the book Thrive by Arianna Huffington, who challenges women unplug and sleep more to create a balanced life. Join From Left to Write on March 19th as we discuss Thrive. As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes. I received no other compensation for my review or thoughts. Links to the book in this post are affiliate links. 


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

I forgot about the deep breathing. That's something I could definitely use more of! Hope your recovery is going well.

Nancy Cavillones said...

I've made it a point to leave my phone out in the living room when I go to bed but you're right about the delays! The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone for delays and cancellations!! LOL.