15 August 2013

Carpe Noctem

This month the Artists-in-Residence at IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® all got some absolutely scrumptious papers from Authentique to play with!  HOW lucky do I feel?!  I super love their papers, and completely hoard it.  I should use it more, but I feel sooo guilty cutting into it!  For my fist project I decided to go the Halloween route, because I've been craving Autumn lately.  Warm colors, cool nights, big sweaters, yummy food..... I love it.  SO SO much!

Here is my supply list for this project:
  • IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® Memento™ Dye Ink DewDrop-size inkpads in Morocco, Peanut Brittle, and Rich Cocoa
  • IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® VersaFine™ Archival Pigment Ink full-size inkpad in Onyx Black
  • IMAGINE Crafts® InkBlushers™
  • IMAGINE Crafts® Fireworks!™ Craft Spray in Tangelo and Tuxedo Black
  • IMAGINE Crafts® Sheer Shimmer Spritz™ Craft Spray in Gold, Pewter,  and Sparkle
  • IMAGINE Crafts® Walnut Ink™ Craft Spray
  • IMAGINE Crafts® Embossing Powder™
  • IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko® VersaMark™ Watermark Ink full-size inkpad in Dazzle
  • IMAGINE Crafts® GooseBumps™ Texture Spray
  • Papers from the new Thrilling line (Authentique)
  • Crowscape stamp, Orange Micro Glitter, Trick or Treat Color Fragments (Stampendous)
  • Ultra Smooth White Card stock (Crafter's Companion)

I started by creating my stamped image panel.  I inked up my main image using the VersaFine™ Archival Pigment Ink full-size inkpad in Onyx Black.  It's a fairly solid image, and the VersaFine™ inks provide SUCH amazing coverage for those!  

I trimmed the panel down to the size I wanted for this card (you can probably tell I trimmed it a bit crooked, but that's ok - it works out in the end!), and created a 'Halloween Sky' behind it.  To do this, I followed these steps (pictured above):
  1. Gather a few supplies: scrap card stock in cloud form (here, I used die cut clouds), various Memento™ Dye Ink DewDrop-size inkpads,  and InkBlushers™ to sponge the ink onto the card stock.
  2. Place a cloud die cut at the bottom of the image and sponge ink outwards (so, from on top of the die on to the image panel), using Morocco ink. Add a bit of Peanut Brittle as desired.
  3. Repeat step two in any pattern you choose, working your way toward the top of the image.  I used two different-shaped cloud dies, and alternated their placement.
  4. Once completed, go back over the entire image and apply Peanut Brittle ink over the whole thing to give it a sepia look.
  5. Sprtiz on Sheer Shimmer Spritz™ Craft Spray in Gold and Walnut Ink™ Craft Spray to give it an even more seasonal feel!
Don't worry if it isn't perfect!  You can see in step three where I was distracted by my kids, and added more ink than I meant to in the lower left, resulting in an "ink-line".  It gets covered up later, which is part of the beauty of messy crafting!  Besides, imperfections make art beautiful :)

Once the image panel has been created, it's time to mess up the background paper!  On this project, my paper is a 5 1/4" square, but it can be any size you choose.  After cutting the paper to size, spray it generously with Fireworks!™ Craft Spray in Tangelo and Tuxedo Black and Sheer Shimmer Spritz™ Craft Spray in Pewter,  and Sparkle.

It will be damp, which is perfect.  ready for the bit that gives people a heart attack?  Ball it up.  Yes, you heard me. Ball it up!  Then slowly smooth it out; if some of the edges tear that's ok, because it adds to the "cool factor" of the piece.  I happened to not tear mine this time, but I've torn plenty of paper in past crafting sessions!

Once it it smoothed out some, apply Memento™ Dye Ink DewDrop-size inkpad in Rich Cocoa directly to the patterned paper.  And to the edges.  The messier the better!

Now it's time to finish up the bottom of our image panel.  This is the part where I hide the fact that I stamped it a little crooked, and add loads of fun texture and visual interest!  Using the VersaMark™ Watermark Ink full-size inkpad in Dazzle, apply it directly to the bottom of the card stock (drag it along, creating a thin strip).  Pour on some clear embossing powder and add in a bit of glitter, and use your heat tool to set it (tip: I always always always heat from underneath. It works better!).

There is no wrong way to do this, and you can add as much or as little glitter as you want!

Once that is completed, spritz the entire image panel with IMAGINE Crafts® GooseBumps™ Texture Spray.  It will hold like glue, so I sprinkled a few color fragments along the bottom as well. 

You can see that lower left area I mentioned earlier, where I said I added too much ink - you can't even tell now that I've added craft sprays, texture sprays, and more!

When I put the card together, I also added some inks and sprays to the card stock stickers from Authentique.  Not that they weren't gorgeous enough, but so that they would match my color scheme!

I had so much fun creating this card, and can't wait to make another version of it soon!

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Trena inNaperville said...

Beautiful design Taylor! I really dig the color confetti on the bottom!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Julie Steed said...

Wow, this is beautiful! Love the sky.

Renee said...

Wow! This is awesome, beautiful design.

Bella Carta at Art 'n Soul said...

taylor, this card is awesome. I love it!