29 March 2012

Just Six Words

Recently the From Left to Write bloggers read Natalie Taylor's moving memoir Signs of Life.  It is her account of the tumultuous year after losing her husband;  Taylor was five months pregnant (and only in her mid-twenties) when the tragic accident claimed his life).  As is normal with our club, I won't post a review of the book here, but rather share some thoughts the book brought to mind.

Having also just read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, I found one of Taylor's references to Ernest Hemingway to be particularly interesting.  Hemigway, in an effort to prove that an entire story could be told quite succintly, wrote one in just six words.  Yes, that's right - six words.   "Baby shoes for sale: never worn."  It has actually inspired a series of books from the editors of Smith magazine (several of which are now on my Nook wishlist) called Not Quite What I Was Planning.  They are collections of six word memoirs from writers both famous and obscure.  And a few random people as well (there is even one authored by teens).

I am utterly fascinated by this, and have been thinking about it nonstop since reading it in Taylor's memoir a couple of weeks ago.  I've been wanting to write this post, and have it be all about my six-word memoir.  Except I cannot settle on what it would be!  It is harder than it sounds (at least for me it is).  How about you....can you write a six word memoir?

During the fifth month of her pregnancy of her first child Natalie Taylor is devastated by the sudden death of her husband. Her journey with grief is chronicled in the memoir Signs of Life.  Join From Left to Write on March 29 as we discuss Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor.  As a member of From Left to Write, I received a copy of the book. All opinions are my own.

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