26 October 2011

Writer's Block

I recently read Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson as part of the From Left to Write book club.  Here's a quick synopsis of the book, from amazon.com:
When her estranged husband asks to live with Jamie again she ignores her instincts and her family's concerns and sets about making a perfect home for them in a California beach town. The delicate negotiation that follows is a carefully constructed reality between what Jamie is willing to acknowledge and what she is not.
I've mentioned the book club before, and that we don't really write book reviews but instead we write about something inspired by the book.  Well, I'm struggling with that.  I loved this book - Patterson wrote from the heart and told a brutally honest truth about herself and a troubling relationship she was in.  Why is it hard for me to write about, then?  Sure, there are plenty of experiences in the book I can relate to, from quick trips to Target and going back later in the day when I've changed my mind, the desire for everything to be "just so" and perfect in my house, to dealing with mental illness.

I suppose for whatever reason, I don't want to trivialize what she went through by writing something light-hearted that her book brought to mind.  And lately, I've been barely getting through my own issues, and am just not in a place to write about them, or any experiences related to mental illness.  I actually wimp out and cry every time I try to write about the book, lol.  So....did I love the book? Yes.  Is it worth reading? Absolutely.  And I encourage you to head over to the From Left to Write blog on October 27 to see what all the other members had to say about this emotional book (I promise, they are MUCH more grown up than I am, and are not afraid to share their thoughts!)

In Lost Edens, author Jamie Patterson struggles to save her marriage which may or may not be already over. Keeping her attempts a secret from her family, she attempts to mold herself into the wife her husband wants her to be. As a member of From Left to Write book club, I received a copy of this book for review. You can read other members posts inspired by Lost Edens by Jamie Patterson on book club day, October 27 at From Left to Write.

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