07 November 2010

Halloween Pages

I showed you the Whooligans Kit from The ScrappyChick Boutique in this post. Now I'm sharing the first two pages I made from the kit. Because I never follow directions, my pages are vary slightly the ones Cyndi laid out. My pictures were oriented differently so I had to make some modifications.

Just pretend you don't see my messy desk around them - I haven't figured out the best way to photograph layouts yet. And Blogger is once again making my pics fuzzy - grrrr. Anyway, I stayed similar to the original layout, but added a bit more ribbon on the purple page. And I cut my large circle off-center, which didn't make a difference on the orange page but added some fun visual interest on the purple page. I also left off the word 'Beware' at the top of both pages. I know they will need a title, I'm just not sure what I want it to be yet. I'm indecisive.

Here's another look at these two pages, the way Cyndi laid them out in the directions for the kit:

For $18.50, this kit is a great deal. You can make 4 full 12x12 pages with enough cardstock and patterned paper leftover for cards. You'll also have more than a few pieces of self adhesive chipboard and matching brads left.

 I'll be showing you my other two pages later this week :)


Scrappychick said...

You have such a beautiful daughter! The pages look great!