30 October 2010

Kindergarten Love

I made a couple of treat bags (they'll post later today) for my daughter's Kindergarten teacher and her classroom aide. My daughter was so excited about them, she wanted to make them each a card to go inside. I'm so in love with what she made and how sweet it is that I just had to share (yes, I'm that kind of mom!) For her teacher, she used Patches from InStyle Stamps. Isn't he cute? She picked out the cardstock, the Nestie shapes, and used the Cuttlebug all on her own. The only thing I did was cut and fold the card base, and tie the ribbon in a knot.  I'm so proud :)

She worked really really hard at writing this inside the card. She was upset that I forgot to draw her a line to write her name on, and it got crooked. And that she messed up one of the letters, and had to scratch it out. I told her I didn't think her teacher would mind at all. Friday morning she could barely wait to get to school, she was so excited about giving these to her teacher and aide. I love how much she loves them!


your mom's friend, Ms. Patricia said...

Ava Grace - you did a wonderful job on coloring and creating this card! Your handwriting is very nice, too. I bet your teacher and aide loved what you made for them!

Kerry said...

OMGsh, so so cute!!!!