23 August 2010

Thanks So Much

Here is a quick thank you card I made recently! I haven't used any of my Stampin' Up sets in awhile, so I got a couple out. I had completely forgotten I had both of these (Pocket Silhouettes and Organic Grace), so I was pleased to rediscover them! Forever ago someone sent me a card with a layout similar to this (the sentiment on that one was in a different place, and it was square not oval), so I can't take credit for this one all by myself. But being the goof that I am, I just drew the sketch in my book and did not write down where i got it from! So, whoever you were......thanks for the inspiration!

I left off all of the embellishments, so that I could add this card to my "quick and easy to mail" stack - no extra postage or anything required. Unfortunately that stash is smaller than I want it to be! I should get to work ;)


Karin said...

Simple and elegant!

Ginny said...

I love the simplicity of this card, it is sooo pretty and I have several stamps that would work great with this layout. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tiffany said...

Love this! Super elegant, everything looks good when you 'multiple' stamp the same image!