22 July 2010

The Wolf Is Mine, E!!!

This week over at The Lounge (Our Craft Lounge's blog) they are celebrating silhouettes and showcasing all of the great silhouette stamps that they have. So I combined that fun event with their sketch challenge this week, and made this card. And I *love* it!! I used the For-Bitten crafty clear stamp set - how "fangtastic" is it??

Want to hear the story behind this card? My wonderful friend Elizabeth and I love all things Twilight. And she is most definitely Team Jacob. I'm pretty firmly in the Team Edward camp, until I watch New Moon. And every time I see it...well, Jacob is yummy! So she's constantly reminding me (and all of our other girlfriends) that the wolf "belongs to her". We see it posted everywhere: "The wolf is mine!", she writes - and I usually have to correct her, lol. So I HAD to make this card for her! It made me chuckle the entire time I was working on it, and I hope it brings a smile to her face when it shows up in her mailbox!

Total side note: I also love love love True Blood (and the Sookie Stackhouse novels). I'm 100% Team Eric (who wouldn't be?). But Alcide.....well he'd make me have second thoughts!! Bwahahahahaha! Thanks for the reminder, BB! Wolves are alright :)

I luvs ya, E!! And don't forget.....the wolf is mine!!



I LOVE IT! I'm laughing so hard right now tears are streaming down my face.

You are amazing girl. I lurvs ya so very much.


Joy said...

oooh Taylor, love this card, and I love Edward in the books, but Jacob in the movies! and Eric...OMG, send him my way!

Patricia said...

Even though I haven't gotten into the vampire stuff I enjoy the rivalry between you and E. This card made me laugh too. The card itself is fab - love the colors - but the sentiment really makes the card!

Anonymous said...

Taylor, this is just to fun! I am totally Team Edward aswell. However, my dearest friend is Team Jacob. We have actually had a couple "tense" moments over this difference in our friendship lol. But, it does make it fun to dig and poke from time to time!! Love your card!!

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Taylor I am in love with this beautiful card those papers and image are absolutely gorgeous.
Lorraine x

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

THis totally rocks! Love it! :)