16 July 2010

Hope, Popcorn, and (Most Importantly) WINE!!!

Here she is...my first official preview card for Amber Ink! These images are from the Hope, Popcorn, and Wine set. Isn't she lovely? I sure love her! I had another card made, and then I decided late last night that I was feeling all inspired by this new iPaper (more on that in a minute) so I made a new one. I *love* the way this turned out! Can't stop looking at it :) I used Photoshop to arrange the popcorn bowl, wine bottle, and sentiment from the set around my lovely lady, and printed it out a few times on the same piece of paper (one of the reasons I love digi stamps!). Then I colored everything twice, and cut one image out with Nesties and another with scissors. Everything is popped up on dimensionals at slightly different heights.

Now...the iPaper. Oooooh, the iPaper! What is iPaper you ask?? Well, it is Amber Ink's version of digi paper. And ohmystars it is FABULOUS!!! Each piece comes in three different "grades" -- regular, whisper, and hint. And if you guessed that each piece is a shade lighter than the last, you'd be right! On this card I used Spin Pin Deconstruct Milk White Whisper for my smaller panel matted with pink cardstock, and Spin Pin Deconstruct Hint for the large piece in the background. I have the regular Spin Pin Deconstruct too - it's gorgeous. In fact, I told Amber I wanted to wallpaper my house in it I love it so much - but my DH vetoed that idea. Anyway -- can you see the difference in shades? Is it not the *greatest* thing ever???? Not convinced? Here is yet another reason to love it: picture me, 9:00 pm - 30 minutes from movie night with hubby (who by the way has been watching both kids all day while I craft). I don't want to use the regular paper on this last minute card I've made ( I decided the coloring was bolder than I wanted for such a large piece, but I have other plans for it!). But I've already colored my image to match - what do I do? I hop online, head over to Amber Ink, treat myself to 2 pieces of iPaper (the Whisper and Hint - hey, they're only $1 each!!) and within 5 minutes I am happily printing them out! I got *exactly* what I needed with no fuss, no waiting, no trip to the store. Which would have been closed by the time I got there anyway. Are you getting what I'm saying here??? iPaper makes your life better!!!! I was finished in time for movie night, and happiness was restored in my house!

Go check out the iPaper available on the site. And then be very very very excited about iPaper that is coming soon...I have seen it, and it is scrumptious!

**ETA** I woke up this morning to a ridiculously sweet surprise from my four year old. Check it out:

When I printed the sheet of images, I didn't realize I used the wrong paper the first time. So I gave the sheet to her. She keeps everything, and apparently this bag that had something small I bought for her forever ago was no exception. She decided I needed a present, and filled it with all her favorite bits of costume jewelry. Because a girl can never have too much jewelry, she told me. *melt* She wrote her name on the bag, so I'd know who it was from (note the backwards "s" -- we're working on it!) -- as if I'd ever forget!

But here is what I REALLY love. Look at the creativity my girl showed. She gave her shoes straps. STRAPS!! Do you see that?!?!? And a multicolored popcorn bowl, because she thought it looked like more fun. OHMYHEAVENS there are no words to describe how much I love this darling daughter of mine. No words. She does a momma proud!


Patricia said...

1. The idea of the regular, whisper and hint papers is *genius*! I will definitely have to check them out.
2. Your card is darling.
3. I absolutely *love* your daughter's present to you! She has quite the eye for detail. She's growing up a lot like her mom - and that is definitely a good thing. :)

Amberbop said...

Oh Taylor! What a perfect gift! I love that baby story! Selfless four year olds? Yay momma.

Love this post too. iPaper, it's what the doctor ordered.

Karin said...

Fab card and you did those papers proud! I think you may have been upstaged by that daughter of yours tho', the strappy shoes are marvelous :)

Shannan Teubner said...

Ok, first I love your card...love how you used the papers.
But more importantly, LOVE the prezzie from Ava. HOW FRIGGIN ADORABLE...

Danni said...

Super fab card and such a sweet present from Ava!

Pam said...

Taylor, what a wonderful post! I think there just may be MORE than a physical resemblance between you and Ava! *tee hee hee*

Melissa said...

Love it!!

wendyp said...

Wow! Gorgeous card, Taylor! Love all the dimension!

And the gift...awwww! That is too sweet! I think you have a future stamper there!