22 June 2010

Dad's Tools

This super simple card was for my Dad :) He's a builder/developer, so this image from Dream Big (the May monthly mix from Lizzie Anne Designs) was totally perfect for him!! I left the card crazy simple, because my dad wouldn't appreciate loads of layers and embellishments, lol.

Happily, he called to tell me how much he loved it - mission accomplished! I htink what he loved was that my sweet 4 year old wrote her name inside and drew some adorable pictures ;)

Thanks for putting up with my short posts lately - I'm super busy creating new things, trying to get the new baby on a schedule, and spend time with my darling 4 year old. Hopefully I'll get back to being my long-winded self soon!


Tiffany said...

Awesome Father's Day card, love the colors you've used on that tool box!!