06 May 2010

Simple Sympathy

I had to make some sympathy cards last Sunday, which is never easy. They are even harder when it is a family member who has passed away. Last weekend my aunt lost her husband, my cousins lost their father, and I lost my uncle -- to cancer. He fought a brave battle all the way to the end, and now he is resting in peace.

I know there is nothing I can say to any of them that will make this mourning process any easier. So I chose to just make a simple card (I made 3 of the same card) using this gorgeous tree form the Dream Big set. I went with the tree because that's the kind of man my uncle was - strong, solid, tall, larger than life. I have the fondest memories of him from back when we were all kids.

Inside the card I used the With Sympathy sentiment, which says "May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead. With Sincerest Sympathy." I love that sentiment - as much as I can love a sympathy sentiment. But my aunt and cousins are close, and I know that they will find great strength in themselves, their spouses, and their kids in the coming weeks.


Helen said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle, Taylor. Your card is beautiful.

kim.mom said...

Beautiful card! So sorry you had a need for a sympathy card, though. Your whole family will be in our prayers.