09 April 2010

Forgetful Turtle

In my rush to get the craft room turned into a nursery, I managed to forget the birthday of a very dear friend. I guess my pregnant brain is just on overload! I sat down and made this belated birthday card for her, and I think it turned out to be just darling!

I used Party Animals again for this one. The sentiment inside reads: "i'm a little slow...happy belated birthday!" which cracks me up. I feel terrible for being late with her card (her birthday was Monday!!) but I think she understands :)


Scrappychick said...

So sweet! She will love the card :) PS I don't think pregnant brain ever goes away. My brain just got more zapped with every kid I had! Hehe

Sandy O said...

Awww, love the turtle...she certainly will be happy to recieve such a cutie!