22 January 2010


Nine years ago today I lost my stepfather to cancer. It was a long, hard road for him, and I'm still thankful every day that he is at peace. But I miss him terribly - the ache never goes away. I wish he was here, to give my daughter a pony and teach her how to ride it. And to help teach her so many of the valuable life lessons he taught me.

I'm so very glad he got to know my husband before we got married, and that I had a chance to tell him everything I needed to before he died. Honestly though, it is never enough time. He was 53 when he died. Far too young.

I will love you always, Rex. Everyday.


Tiffany said...

It's always so good to remember those who mean so much to us!! Yes, 53 is very young...I lost my dad when I was only 20 and sure wish he was still around! Wonderful picture and I'm sure you'll have many stories to share with your little girl about him.