14 July 2009

Sasha at a Garden Party!

The other day at Hobby Lobby I picked up a huge set of DCWV dp called Garden Party. It is gorgeous! Most of the sheets have glittery patterns on them, and fresh colors - I love it. Best part? It was on sale for $12!!!

So, meet Sasha. She is attending today's Garden Party in a fabulous coral colored party dress, her hair all spiffed up, an adorable tote bag, and some super cool glittery silver earrings!

Sasha didn't want to take away from the gorgeous paper, that's why she's in the corner down there. She's been paper pierced around the edges, and is backed by a strip of light pink and coral paper (dotted with a white gel pen). If you click on the picture, you 'll be able to see the paper and Sasha much better).

Doesn't she look like she is the best time!?!? I'd love to go to a Garden Party - except the humidity and heat would be the end of me, lol!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

not only is sasha the belle of the ball, but that garden is like totally awesome. great card!


Danni said...

What a pretty card! I debated about that stack of paper..very pretty!

anareis said...
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AlienAnessa said...

I am seriously dim, what's a "graden" party? Is that someone's name? Graden isn't a bad name at all, come to think of it!!