15 July 2009

Locks of Love

If you've seen a picture of me, you know I have short hair. Really short hair. But a few weeks ago I decided I'd grow it out - because I love that about hair. It always comes back, and is a fun thing to play with. Then I remembered the charity Locks of Love, and that for those children, it doesn't just grow back.

So I decided that even though it will take forever, I'm not going to cut my hair until I have enough to cut for them. No more dyeing, no scissors, no nothing. Well, scissors until my short hair all reaches one length, but after that I'm gonna let it grow, baby. Every little thing I can do to help is what I'm going to do!


B. Nagel said...

Great Idea! And while you're growing it out, you can play with styles (layering is okay). As long as you don't bleach it, they don't mind if you color it. Just don't fry it.

I recently posted about LoL on my blog with links to donation guidelines and "pro tips." Have fun!


stampinsilvia said...

Great job donating your hair! I have donated mine
twice and am working on growing it for a third donation...
although it is long enough now I'm going to wait until I
move mack to the states...so another 2 years of growing
for me...the longest my hair will ever be...I'm pretty excited!
So let's keep eachother motivated!!!

Hugs and Happy Stampin'

Rach H said...

I'm doing the same thing! I did it 7 years ago, when I was in High School . I'm trying to grow mine out again!!!

kellyjean said...

Hey girlie! Best wishes with this! You can actually still dye it... check out the LOLove site. DD has donated twice and she is 12. Awesome charity!!!